A Very Kerri Christmas: Mallorcan Edition

Mallorca’s year-round zero tolerance dryballs policy is only amplified during the silly season. It’s my seventh Christmas on the Island, and every year, the weather has been kind enough to allow us spend the 25th poolside, only having to throw a jacket on circa 3pm.

I know this year’s going to be different when there’s a mild hurricane the day before my arrival. Flights are cancelled and walls fall down, but with enough gin, homemade chilli vodka, and Champagne, I think we might just about power through.

Let the photos do the talking and soak up some Mallorcan sunshine in this post, and I bet, you’ll soon be planning a jaunt to the Island of Happiness.

Five Very Kerri things about Christmas in Mallorca

  1. Family time
  2. Sunshine
  3. Long lunches in Palma
  4. Fishbowl glasses
  5. Blue skies