Leith's graduate 2018 | WSET Level 2 | Restaurant marketing | Private chef

My love affair with London’s food and drink scene started the day I moved here in October 2010. Never one to do anything by halves, I threw myself into it; working in hospitality, attending new openings and discovering the stalwarts of the Industry which have stood the test of time.

Whether it was a team lunch, an important meeting, a hot date or a raucous night out, I found myself constantly recommending ‘just the place’ for friend’s events. “There must be a way to collate these endless lists…”, I wondered way back in March 2013. Enter Very Kerri. A modern-day concierge, if you will.

Today, when not tasting it, I am probably photographing or writing about food and drink. The rest of the time, I am more than likely creating dishes in The Very Kerri Kitchen or making a Gin-Tonic in a goldfish bowl.

Everything I feature has the Very Kerri stamp of approval. I’m not wearing rose-tinted glasses, but I do believe there are too many positives to harp on a negative, so posts tend to permeate good vibes. The ‘Five Very Kerri things about…’ piece on each post sums up that place, experience or dish in a nutshell.

Five reasons to follow Very Kerri

  1. It represents genuine passion for the hospitality industry
  2. It feeds you inspiration for dining out in London and entertaining at home
  3. It is a creative, light-hearted and honest approach to food and drink
  4. It cuts out the guesswork so you can get stuck in and have a good time
  5. Life should be guzzled, not sipped

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