Chez Bruce: Say Cheese!

"If you need to use your mobile phone or camera in the dining room, please do so with consideration for other guests".- Chez Bruce

Increasingly, more and more fine dining establishments are anti-Instagram, uninterested in Pinterest, and not too chirpy about Twitter. I can see where they're coming from based on the suited and booted half of their clientele, but they've got to embrace the social age and Generation Y as well. Here's how I see it: Providing you don't rock up to dinner with a tripod, external flash and umbrella lighting, you're good to go. Just download the app Camera+ on your phone and snap. At least the note on Chez Bruce's menu is an attempt to meet in the middle. Bravo.

BW (Birthday Week) was essentially a series of brunches, lunches, dinners and a lot of tipples in between. The venue for the evening of my actual Birthday was a surprise. The penny dropped early doors when sipping sundowners on the sill after work, and I learned it was a 5 minute cab ride away. We edged our way towards a glowing Wandsworth Common, then onto Bellevue Road where the restaurant is situated.

The welcome was warm and we soon felt at home Chez Bruce. Being handed a bespoke gluten free menu was a nice touch. Asparagus; when it's in season, I just can't get enough of the stuff, so opted for that (minus the tartlet but with all the pecorino, ricotta, lemon and mint to make up for it) to start. A glass of Champagne was just what the dish was crying out for. Magnifique!

My good friend John dory had to get a look in for the main. Partners in crime included a few of my favourite things; scallops, prosciutto and morels. A lovely crisp Chablis was next on the hit list, and it proved . Went to town on their cheese trolley for dessert. Chose a quaffable glass of Bordeaux Château Senéjac to go with which was a delight.

Fortunately, over the course of the evening, there was very little flimsy, frilly, flowery stuff on plates, which is often the reason I'm not a raving fine dining fan. Top marks.

Whether I was slightly deterred by the warning on the menu, or else just very excited because it was my birthday, I didn't take many photos, even iPhone-style, but it's all good, I've got the memories.

Five Very Kerri things about Chez Bruce

  1. The wine list
  2. Cheese trolley
  3. Gluten free friendliness
  4. View over the common
  5. Old school, done well