Chilli Chilli Bang Bang: Double Bang

What do you get when the Streetfeast Chaps join forces with Tommi Miers? Chilli Chilli Bang Bang.

Although it’s a wet and windy Saturday (that’s spring showers for you), Dalston Yard is hotter than ever. Foodies chow down on the likes of quinoa burgers, lobster tacos, and pigs ears. Thirsty peeps quaff smokey Mezcal margaritas and punchy Pisco super shots. Such an event is the inspiration behind photo posts on this site. Let’s go.

Dusting off the cobwebs for another season at Dalston Yard.
[![Settling in](](
Welcome drinks.
[![Pint of Margarita?](](
Bucket-sized Margaritas.
[![Chilli Chilli](](
The Chilli Gap.
[![Bang Bang.](](
That’d be the bang.
[![Mint Chicken with a Kashmiri Twist.](](
Rola Wala’s mint chicken with a Kashmiri twist.
[![Carolina Reaper Crackle.](](
The blow of the Scotch Bonnet-spiked beet dal is softened by coconut
[![Rola Wala's combination of coconut and Scotch Bonnet is a fiery thing.](](
A hot date with Carolina Reaper Crackle just got hotter.
[![Aaah Som Saa. You do make me happy.](](
Aaah Som Saa. You and your fiery ways. You make me happy.
[![The Very Kerri Dish of the Day: Crispy Pig's Ears with burnt chilli sauce.](](
The Very Kerri Dish of the Day: Crispy Pig’s Ears with burnt chilli sauce at Somsaa.
[![Chowing down. Woof.](](
A feisty mouthful.
[![Boom Boom Bao.](](
Boom Boom Bao.
Smoking hot Smoke Stack.
[![Ka-Ching! You know you're winning when you bag the last ribs of the day.](](
Kerching! You know you’re winning when you bag the last ribs of the day.
[![Like a Boss.](](
Owning those ribs. Like a boss.
[![Home from home.](](
One lane I am always happy to take a stroll down.
[![Gimp masks at the ready.](](
Gimp masks at the ready.
[![Who would've though Mezcal had the power to twist my arm?](](
Swayed by the power of punchy Mezcal.
[![Drops of spice.](](
It may be raining but we’re having sundowners hell or high water.
[![Double trouble: Mezcal Margarita and Oaxaca Gold. ](](
Double trouble: Mezcal Margarita and Oaxaca Gold.
[![Cheeky Pisco Super Shot A La Andina. Salud.](](
Scream if you want to go faster.
Keeping it real with a Tommy’s Margarita. Agave me up.
An aperitif with a Spanish accent: Tequila Reposado, Campari, Grapefruit.
[![Keeping it real Chilli Margarita-style.](](
Hitting the spot.
Chillimania Tommy’s Margaritas
Following a fiery afternoon at Dalston Yard we have stocked up on our fair share of spice.
[![All about the vibes.](](
It really is all about the vibes.
Five Very Kerri things about Chilli Chill Bang Bang
  1. Fire and spice
  2. Punchy tipples
  3. Som Saa
  4. Bumping into friends and meeting new friends
  5. More Dalston Yard Vibes