Copita: Smile if you love a bit of tradition

If you ever need a dentist, I know a guy. He’s the best dentist that’s ever touched my gnashers. It just so happens that said dentist’s surgery is on Poland Street in Soho. A little tradition I enjoy is treating myself to a Gin-Tonic at Copita following the occasional dentist appointment. The thing is, I’ve had some pearly white issues recently, in other words, I’ve been in Copita regularly.

Soho’s always buzzing, and on this particular evening, I can almost feel its heart racing. Media folk and creatives fill the streets guzzling cold beers and quaffing pale rose, all looking rather like they’re somewhere on the continent rather than London. Copita is on increasingly charming D’Arbaly Street and it catches the sun until 7pm-ish making it a perfect post-day-in-the-office stomping ground.

There are circa 25 gins on the menu, all served Spanish-style; fishbowl glasses, chunky ice, a generous splash of gin, charged with Fever Tree tonic. Garnishes come classic, like juniper berries with Martin Millar’s as well as punchy, like ginger & chili with Ophir or apple wedges with William’s Chase.

Today, I start with a Gin Mare, which on this occasion comes loaded with basil. I love how different herb garnishes bring out the various characteristics of this Mediterranean gin.

[![Welcome to Copita. Here's a bucket of Gin Mare.](](
Welcome to Copita. Here’s a bucket of Gin Mare.
Darty’s goblet of Gilpin’s is brought to life by the orange garnish; a very refreshing thirst quencher.
[![I bet you'll behave anything but dry when you encounter Gilpin's.](](
I bet you’ll behave anything but dry when you encounter Gilpin’s.
Crafty as ever, I manage to squeeze in a second round; a splash of Beefeater 24, which I will only ever pair with grapefruit from now on.
[![Oops, I did it again.](](
Oops, I did it again.
It’s not all gin and no action, wines are from all over Spain and there’s a charming selection of circa 12 types of sherry, too. In case you haven’t heard, sherry stopped being just for your great aunt about seven years ago, so get involved.

Copita doesn’t slack off on the food front, either. It’s small plates galore, just not the usual suspects, yeah I’m talking to you tortilla española, take a hike! We’re skipping over the road to Blanchette for sups, but that doesn’t stop us nailing a plate of perfectly oily jam on Ibérico, every sliver of which just tastes like goodness and one-bowl-to-many of Marcona almonds; so addictive.

[![Did I hear the trotters of an acorn fed pig in the distance? ](](
Did I hear the trotters of an acorn fed pig in the distance?
If you need a hit of Spain every so often like myself, then hot foot it to Copita for delightful nibbles to soak up all of the gin you’re quaffing. Smile, if you love a bit of tradition! Did I mention there’s a great dentist around the corner?

Five Very Kerri things about Copita

  1. Counter top fun times
  2. The feels-like-Spain vibes
  3. 25 gins
  4. Simple dishes with beautiful ingredients
  5. Sunshine til 7pm