Flirt: Healthy Living but not as you know it

[![I have been busy Flirting](](
I have been so busy Flirting.
Spring has landed! Lambs are frolicking, daffodils are blooming, I am flirting. Okay, let me explain. On a freezing February weekend in New York, one or two things became clearer than ever. Like this healthy living concept that had been brewing in my mind for some time. Enter [Flirt](

“Flirt is healthy living but not as you know it. Our juices, smoothies, and gluten-free snacks bring sunshine into the lives of others. Life is too short to take yourself too seriously. Let’s Flirt! ” 

Samsung is running a competition called Launching People whereby creative folk with an idea have the opportunity to pitch it in a bid to be mentored by an expert in their field. The food category’s mentor is Gizzi Erskine. I want to give Flirt the biggest boldest launch it deserves; and who better to team up with than Gizzi!

Having your support on this one is invaluable. Have a peek at my pitch, and if you think it is the next big thing, then please vote for me. Do share the love with your friends and circles if you think they would be interested in Flirting.

[![Some juicy market research on Alma Road.](](
Fruitful market research on Alma Road.
[![Eat. A. Rainbow.](](
Eat. A. Rainbow.
[![Let's Flirt!](](
Let’s Flirt!
Five Very Kerri things about Flirt
  1. Keeps the main thing the main thing
  2. Offers banging products that will make you smile
  3. The daily changing flavoured water station
  4. Playful vibez
  5. Genuine desire to bring sunshine into the lives of others

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