Recipes: The Very Kerri Gin-Tonic 101

Since we’re on the brink of full blown Bank Holiday season, it’s high time to show the humble gin and tonic some love.

It’s a big shout but I’m saying nobody makes a meaner G&T than the Spanish. I savour the first one when I fly home to Mallorca with a big grin and on last year’s jaunt to San Sebastián, the gin-tonic bar was significantly raised.

Whether you’re at the market in the morning or enjoying dinner late into the evening, balloon glasses are packed to the top with chunky ice, then of course there’s a heavy handed splash of gin, which is crowned with tonic. Dreamy.

It’s all about the little details; the glass, the ice and the garnish. For example, Gin Mare garnished with lemon and thyme is an entirely different experience to Gin Mare with orange and rosemary. Discovering new ways to serve and garnish gin makes me a happy woman, here are some of my ‘perfect serves’ at present.

Goldfish bowls of Gin Mare

Mediterranean equals this.

Now, don’t you look thirst-quenching.

Makes two punchy Gin-Tonics:


Gin; since we’re in summer sprits, I’m shouting out to Mediterranean Gin Mare and G’Vine from France. I’m also giving a subtle nod to Xoriguer, which comes from Menora, just because it’s a friend’s favourite tipple.

Ice; the chunkier the better.

Garnish; Basil, thyme and rosemary go brilliantly with Gin Mare. I like to add a generous wedge of lemon to the mix. Grapes or strawberries go wonderfully with G’Vine.


Pack a balloon glass to the top with ice. I used to think this was cheating you out of real estate for gin, but not at all; the more ice you load in, the less it melts, therefore preserving your beautiful gin.

If you’re adding herbs, which I advise, give them a little smack before popping them in the glass; this releases the flavours.

Add your gin, generously.

Slowly top with tonic, fever tree light tonic is a beauty, but there are so many premium products to choose from these days. If you do this bit carelessly, which I’m often a culprit of, you lose the bubbles and it all goes a bit flat on you. Not cool.

Sip in good company under belting sunshine.

Have Gin, Will Travel.