Searcys at The Gherkin: Taking Bollinger to New Heights

I am pleased to say that Bollinger has been a key player in making 2013 one of the best years ever. So far. It pretty much dragged us through Royal Ascot, surprised us at Friends of the Industry; and popped occasionally during summer stints in the Balearics.

If every week started with Champagne, life would be pretty merry. Anyway, on this particular Monday, we've been invited to Searcys at the Gherkin for an evening of fine food and the very best Bollinger. Winning. Arriving late doesn't get us off on the best foot, mind you, I've stormed through O'Hare customs on Thanksgiving quicker than I got through security at the Gherkin. We'll say nothing. Our penance was missing the canapés, but low and behold, we made up for it with a glass (or three) of Bollinger Spècial Cuvèe. Bosch.

Searcys' beverage boss Mikael gives us a warm welcome and we enjoy a chinwag with Mentzendorff's man of the moment Howard. We're then ushered up to the top to find an exquisite dining space. Digesting 360° sights of our city is a lot to take in, yet with tables of two, three and five set up, the whole thing feels so personal.

Let's get one thing straight; confit duck leg is going to make me happy any day of the week. And with autumnal hits of pain d'èpices, prunes and cherries accompanied by crisp Bollinger Rosè Brut, this is quickly becoming the best Monday I have had in a long time.


Unbeknownst to me, it's about to get better, courtesy of La Grande Annèe Rosè 2004 which is expertly with paired halibut and centre stage-worthy bone marrow. I've got the best seat in the house; Mikael to the left, Howard to the right, so there's no shortage of the good stuff. And this is the best. Sip sip!


When it comes to the cheese course, I am all over the Gruyère Grand Jura which is served with La Grande Annèe 2004; an ideal way to round off the evening as it is what fuelled us through Rascot earlier in the year and the cause of some seriously fun times.


The dishes were sublime throughout; interesting flavour combinations to discover with the different faces of Bollinger. And, I am still thinking about that special Grande Annèe Rosè today. I wonder what those canapès tasted like?


I do not know where Bollinger will take us next but I am thinking the Rugby Internationals at Twickers are a good place to start.

Five Very Kerri things about Searcys at the Gherkin

  1. Unpredictably delicious menu and Champagne pairing
  2. Great Glass Elevator-esque roof
  3. Is it the altitude that made everything taste so good?
  4. General Bollinger haze about the place
  5. 360° views of the best city in the world