Sexy Fish: Don't Go Hungry

Caprice Holdings has had some year. Sexy Fish swam into shore following a flurry of Ivy openings. I went for lunch with Alison earlier this month. Of course I had to go, but stomaching it, let alone liking it, was the last thing I expected.
Whilst the room is dripping with art and opulence, first impressions aren't great. The team at reception is frazzled by another party, so we slip through to the bar. Shipwrecked, a citrusy blend of gin and sherry, brings some improvement. The serve is slick; in a bottle, within a wooden chest of pineapple and 'sand', no less. From the bar, it always looks like it's raining, which just makes you want to order another bottle of wine. Genius.
Food, on the whole, is rock and roll. All I would say is don't go hungry, and you'll be grand. Unless you want to spend a grand, that is. Yellowtail sashimi could have done with a bit of tidying up on the edges. However, the Sexy Fish roll, wrapped in leaves and a cheeky bit of diakon, is outstanding.
Other than this, from moreish-sounding skewers to robota-grill-porn, the menu has pockets of sheer joy. The beef rib skewer melts, pleasingly, in the mouth. Another highlight is butterflied sardines from the grill. A plate of very spicy kai-Lan keeps us both on our toes.
Let's face it, with Richard Caring and co. behind it, Sexy Fish was never going to sink. Lunch with one of my best girlfriends turned into an all day affair, where we joined the table next to us, and had a great laugh. I love Sexy Fish for that. We had a whale of a time...
Five Very Kerri things about Sexy Fish

  1. The 'raining' bar
  2. Joining the table next to you for an extended lunch
  3. Feelgood menu of food porn
  4. Cocktail serves
  5. Ice-cream bar