Shrub and Shutter: Get with the Program

When it comes to grazing and guzzling, us Londoners are spoiled for choice. Supper clubs around a table are no longer quirky enough, so they're happening in hot tubs. You can't even eat soup, it's all about Bone Broth cafes these days.

Let's be clear, I'm a sniffer dog when it comes to a food trend, but too often, it's all style over substance, which is a shame. Fortunately, there are a few game changers who just get it right. Enter Shrub and Shutter. Only Dave Tregenza and Chris Edwards of Drake & Morgan could dream such a bonkers concept up, and I am glad they ran with it because it's right up my street. It's also in Brixton, which is a double whammy.

The guys also operate cocktail consultancy Salts of the Earth. There is always something cutting edge on the go. They work with a few of my favourite brands, like Gin Mare and Whitley Neill on the gin front and Ocho Tequila as well as Four Roses Bourbon. It's one of those lists, or er 'programs', that you you genuinely fancy everything on. And there are daily specials, just because.

Another reason you can't take your eyes off the program (I'm getting used to it now) is the names. The lads rock every pun under the sun, and I freakin' dig it. Some of my absolute favourites are 'A Fish Called Wanda', a clarified Red Snapper; 'Who Framed Rodger Rabbit?', with dip; and 'The Fish and Chip Shop Margarita', served with actual scraps, no less. Garnishes are equally outlandish; gin-based 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Bloom' comes crowned with snake, yes [coughs] SNAKE.

Shrub and Shutter only opened in August 2014, and it already has a bun in the oven. It's little sister, First Aid Box is due to open in Herne Hill later this year. Take it from me, after a session at the Shrub and Shutter, you will need a first aid box.



Five Very Kerri things about The Shrub and Shutter

  1. The 'drinks program'
  2. The Puns
  3. The garnishes
  4. The first aid box
  5. Everybody's guzzlin'