Source: Bang for your Buck in Battersea

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If you’re lucky enough to find a foodie hangout in London without a ‘no-reservations’ policy, chances are it’s fully booked anyway, and if you’re really lucky, you might be offered a table for 10pm next week.

The refreshing thing about Source is that when I phoned on Thursday to book for the next day, despite being full, the chirpy Irish girl on the other end of the line said she would touch base later if anything cropped up once they had finished call backs. Low and behold, a few hours on, there’s a table with my name on it. Bang.

Radiating happy Friday vibes, we trot up to Source hungry, and thirsty, for what the new kid on Ransomes Dock has to offer. Why I’m swayed by the recommendation of a vodka-based Source Spritz when I’m really pining for a classic Negroni is beyond me; far too sweet for my palette so I drink it far too fast. Surprisingly, Darty’s Park Sour was also lacking punch, the blend of bourbon, apple and ginger was lovely; it just didn’t stay in the glass for very long. We mention this and the team takes it on board with gusto.

John*, also Irish, runs us through some wine recs and fills us in on a few special bottles available BTG. This is a slick way to try some ace grapes at an even slicker price. At first I thought wine choice was limited, but playing ball this way shakes things up. A chardonnay from the Margret River is a delight but not enough to convert me to New World and the one bottle of rosé on the list is good but they could do with a few more pinks to choose from. On learning about a Riesling menu planned for the summer, I imagine whiling away many a summer’s afternoon or evening on the terrace.

I am big on underselling and over delivering, and that’s exactly what most of the dishes do. Grilled baby gem with mozzarella and blood orange is a kick in the face on the bitter front but the leaves have a pleasing carmalisation at the same time. Meanwhile, Darty is devouring seared scallops with a silky black pudding, probably delighted it’s not gluten-free as it would’ve moved in my direction. I do manage to swipe some celeriac puree and quinoa – ah celeriac, it’s good to have you back in season! Perfectly cooked gurnard is light and flaky and venison with swede gratin and Cavolo nero is the standout hero. At £3 a pop, sides are probably the best bang for your buck in town. Our favourite is crunchy broccoli slaw with toasted almonds and cranberries.

[![Kick-in-the face bitter leaves](](
Ballsy bitter leaves, blood orange and mozzarella
[![Smooth operator in the form of scallops and pudding](](
Smooth operator in the form of scallops and black pud
[![My goodness, My Gurnard](](
My goodness, My Gurnard
[![Oh deer. ](](
Oh deer.
[![Brocco slaw, made to be savoured by the bucketload](](
Brocco slaw, made to be savoured by the bucketload
We stroll out of Source much merrier than we were a few hours ago, happy to have such a lovely new local in the hood and looking forward to coming back with friends. We’ll sniff out punchier tails on return!
[![Source merits a jazz hands Very Kerri seal of approval](](
Source merits a jazz hands Very Kerri seal of approval
Five Very Kerri things about [Source](
  1. Tempting terrace
  2. The charming FOH team
  3. Riesling menu
  4. BANG for your buck
  5. Undersells and over delivers

*I’m 99% sure he’s called John, my 1% is on James.