The Richmond: Your New Oyster Card

Every social moment is an opportunity to try somewhere new. We are headed to take on the Time Run in Hackney, so naturally I am seizing the opportunity of being this side of town and heading to The Richmond, too. Two birds, one stone.

If I lost you at 'Time Run', it's a Crystal Maze-esque game where you have to solve puzzles as you time travel. Pretty standard for a Tuesday evening. Anyway, it's been extended until the end of the year, so round up a few mates and book it in the diary.
Time travel nailed, there's no time for small talk as we've overrun on the hour slot and are already late. The Richmond is deservedly one of the most talked about openings of 2015, and the owners Brett Redman of Elliot's in Borough Market and Margret Crow aren't 'shucking' around with the offering, either.

Anywhere that has an oyster happy hour deserves a medal. From 5pm - 6pm, oysters are £1 a pop at The Richmond. We ask, playfully, if there's a limit to how many one can order and find it rather amusing to discover that the record is a lady getting through 58 in one sitting. She must have been in a good mood after that power hour. There are also, wait for it, oyster shooters. Bloody Mary and Bloody Maria-style. You want these, one of each.

Perhaps is was a blessing in disguise that someone had eaten all the crab doughnuts and steaks because we devoured the entire raw section, jumped into bed with a 'Nduja fish stew, shared the biggest seabass I've ever seen and ordered seconds of sides like spiced spinach and triple cooked chips, just because they were divine.

A strawberry negroni tickled me pink, in fact, the whole cocktail list is worth going back for. There are also banging wines, like the great value Cava or the surprisingly quaffable German Pinot Noir we were seeing home. Despite arriving 30 mins late and staying far too long for a Tuesday evening, the team couldn't do enough for us throughout.
Get yourself to The Richmond soon, it's the most useful thing to do with your Oyster Card.

Five Very Kerri things about The Richmond

  1. Oyster happy hour
  2. Comfort food vibes
  3. Can't-do-enough-for-you service
  4. Stylish touches, from the branding to the glassware
  5. Banana tart (it's like banana bread, without the bread)