The Wolseley: Breakfast of Champions

Yet another grey Sunday morning is soon brightened up by the awesome grandeur that is The Wolseley. Straight away, we feel like we're somewhere on the continent, not in chilly Piccadilly. The vibes are good and there are Sunday papers galore. I sort of want to pitch up for the day.

Even though it's 12.10pm, let's call this breakfast because a) at weekends, breakfast can be an all day affair and b) breakfast is the most important meal of the day, next to lunch and dinner, of course.

The best start to any Breakfast is Champagne, naturally. In this instance, we're talking one of my all-time favourites, in the form of Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé. Cheers to Sunday!


The lobster cocktail has my name all over it, I am also swayed by the lobster omelette, but fancied something lighter. As I say, good to have something to go back for.


Since it's a day of my favourite things, scallops get a look in, too. Seared with cauliflower puree and a hazelnut dressing, on this occasion. Cauliflower is having a moment, a fine one at that, and this puree is velvety gorgeousness. I'm not as big a fan of the hazelnut dressing, it looks the part, but I'm not digging the textures together. Have had much better. Still, on the whole, it's a belter of a dish.


Surly all this surf needs some turf, we look no further than steak tartar. Had it been made table-side, it would have been the bees knees. Our French server would've loved the drama. That's how it should be, after all. Hey ho, different strokes.

Thought I would conform for half a second with brekkie protocol and give coffee a shout out. My double espresso comes just how I like it; with a glass of water. We dash out just after 3pm as have to get to Greenwich catch up with friends before The Who at the O2. You know what they say; Champagne & Lobster & Rock & Roll.

Five Very Kerri things about The Wolseley

  1. Attention to lobster
  2. People watching perfection
  3. Champers for brekkie
  4. Cawwwfeeeee!!!
  5. Tricycles welcome