Video: Wired at the London Coffee Festival

Risky business: Having 23,000 peeps under one roof with a lifetime's supply of coffee, over one weekend. What might all sound a bit Nutty Professor, is in fact an experiment you'll be glad you signed up for.

Espressos are a given, and they are mighty. You've got the sharpest kids in the industry using the hottest kit on the market; what's not to love?

Warm up with something longer, cool down with a cold brew, or even better get on it with Sandow's Cold Brew G&Ts and Espresso Martinis 'til you're really climbing the walls.

The fun starts all over again on Friday 8 April 2016, so before you get back to the daily grind, here's a little video of some shenanigans from this year that's been brewing.